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Angel Place offers A-Grade office accommodation within superior proximity to Sydney’s best services and amenities. In conjunction with Hassell Architects’ upgrade of the lobby and entrance environment, opportunities were presented to create truly market-leading third spaces, a revitalised onsite experience and build upon an already genuine onsite community. Through Brickfield Consulting's strategic analysis of the building and wider precinct, a new value proposition was established. Hundredweight were tasked with creating a new brand identity to align with this vision.

A key part of the strategy was for Angel Place to be woven more tightly into the fabric of the wider precinct. The brand therefore needed to integrate and compliment the surrounding cultural, entertainment and hospitality venues. The spatial upgrade was leveraged within communications, allowing us to promote an even more interconnected community, tailored personal service and six star hotel-like experiences.

A new brand and fully-fledged visual identity system was developed with the ability to flex and change to accommodate an unprecedented diversity of workplace experiences from casual to formal and highly personalised. A clean and sophisticated looking wordmark with a typographic accent above the ‘A’ provided a subtle nod to a floating halo and became a ‘hallmark’ of the Angel Place experience.