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BaseUnit is a series of light industrial storage/business parks consisting of small to medium sized warehouse storage units. They target small to medium businesses including builders, tradesmen and light industries looking to secure workspace or storage in the Sydney region. The self-storage or ‘man-cave’ spaces is an additional growing target market.

The BaseUnit name was born from its literal definition as a fundamental unit of measure - be it mass, length or time. Quite appropriate for a complex of storage units of varying scale and customisable for a multitude of purposes. The name also gave reference to being a potential ‘base’ for business operations or leisure activities.

'Strength in simplicity' was a key driver behind the identity. The tilted ‘B’ icon brand mark takes the form of a simplified storage unit, particularly referencing the tilt panel concrete construction method used in the developments. The brand identity also had to represent flexibility, appearing very approachable with an element of fun whilst also being utilitarian and ’no-nonsense’.