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One Eden Park is a newly established business precinct in Sydney's Macquarie Park, seamlessly integrating two distinct buildings, Array and Arc, under a unified place brand. The asset owners Kador, required a cohesive brand architecture, naming and identity system that would resonate with technology and innovation-focused tenants.

Both the names Array and Arc are derived from mathematical and scientific concepts. Array reflects the systematic arrangement of elements or sequences in coding, while Arc symbolises curvature and the continuous exchange between electrodes. These names establish strong ties to each building’s unique architectural features.

Our brand identity system for the precinct incorporates linear patterns derived by the golden ratio, a mathematical principle celebrated for its aesthetic harmony. These precisely arranged lines flex to create visually dynamic, adaptable patterns and design grids. Appealing to tenants in the technology and innovation sectors, our place brand aesthetic represents a meticulous attention to detail, also evident throughout the buildings' architecture and finishes, where precision reigns supreme and every element serves a purpose.